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Artisans in Cape Town, South Africa

We produce beaded handbags and jewellery in South Africa. Our beaded bags are handcrafted in Cape Town by a very talented Zimbabwean man named Godfrey who was forced to flee Zimbabwe as a victim of persecution and is now settled in Cape Town.

Zimbabwean crafters – renowned for their fine handwoven beaded crafts – hand down skills from generation to generation, but unfortunately these are being lost as the new generation adapt to the modern world. Co-created with Muzungu Sisters, each of our Harare bags is an embodiment of our purpose to bring a piece of dying craft back to our lives.

Godfrey tells us that the flourishing of his beadwork business has greatly helped his livelihood and has enabled him to acquire a car, as well as making it possible for Godfrey and his family to move out of their shack lodging and into a house.


All our swimwear is carefully made in a small atelier in Cape Town, South Africa that employs local seamstresses from Cape Town who have been in the industry for decades.

The ladies that make our pieces are paid a healthy living wage which enables them to support their families. In recent years, many seamstresses in Cape Town have been left without work due the majority of garment production moving to China.

We are very fortunate to be able to support this struggling industry.

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