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As artisan communities around the world continue to face insurmountable challenges threatening their livelihoods, Muzungu Sisters is committed to producing items with as many different artisan communities as we can, and to sharing their talents with you.

Dana Alikhani & Tatiana Santo Domingo


Step into our world of colour and whimsy with our first homeware collection

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Muzungu Sisters only uses natural, sustainable, biodegradable materials that leave minimal trace on our environment. Just as our pieces are designed to be kept for years to come, we believe in a conscious, conservative approach to consumption.

Our Beliefs

We have traveled across the world to find the most unusual, beautiful, sustainable, fabrics; the best embroiderers, weavers, and ateliers. Our items never go out of style, and are designed to be worn for years to come.

Our Process

Muzungu Sisters pieces are ethically handmade, handwoven and hand-embroidered only in small ateliers, fully certified ethical production facilities exceeding ILO (International Labour Organisation) standards.


Hand Embroidery

Muzungu Sisters continues to value and champion hand-embroidery from various artisan communities around the world


Muzungu Sisters strives to uphold cultural respect and social responsibility, abiding by the principle of leaving behind no human footprint. All of the goods featured on Muzungu Sisters are produced under ethical working conditions.

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