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Artisans from Marrakesh, Morocco


All of our traditional Moroccan velvet Fatima jackets, Alia dresses and Rashid jackets are the result of the meticulous work of a remarkably talented couturier in Marrakech who once trained under Yves Saint Laurent. Renowned usually for made-to-measure pieces, we have been commissioning the atelier to produce jackets to our specifications since we launched in 2011.

We have become firm friends with this artisan family over the years of visits to bustling Marrakech, and we are grateful that we are still able to bring traditional Moroccan wares to a broader audience, ensuring that all artisans involved directly benefit from this craft and are then able to sustain their families’ livelihoods.

In the last few decades, Moroccan embroidery has increasingly been recognized as a cultural art form that can keep Moroccan tradition alive.We are especially fond of the Fes style of embroidery utilizing metallic threads, as well as the atypical mushroom and herb Muzungu Sisters custom embroidery on velvet that we designed to tie in with our own print designs.


Since 2011, we have been selecting Moroccan kaftans from traditional Moroccan artisans, who sources the most eclectic and unique styles.

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